If you’re worried about student loan repayment, we’ve got more info here:

If you’re worried about student loan repayment, we’ve got more info here:

On the I checked my bank account and SAAS have paid into my account back dated SAAS bursary from sept 16 til date!

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People call me lazy for not trying but they don’t understand how much people like me have to suffer to even get education.

Kirsty Hi There, I wonder if someone could offer me some advice. I have been working really hard to obtain the entry requirements needed to get onto a (rare) full time veterinary nursing diploma course at the central college of animal studies in Ipswich. The course is rare because it’s the only one I am aware of which offers you a full time study program. Most are part time but require you to have a work placement and so therefore you are essentially doing an apprenticeship. Finding a work placement is very difficult and in the 2 years I have been trying, I have been unsuccessful. I thought the full time course would offer me the opportunity to obtain the qualification I want without needing a work placement however, the course fee’s are ?6000 per year. I am a single parent, benefits are currently my only income as I went back into education to improve on some GCSE grades especially to enroll on this course. I am advised that the course is not government funded and has to be privately funded. They offer the option to pay monthly but at repayments of ?500 it’s simply unaffordable. Can anyone shed any light on whether or not I might be able to get any help with paying these course fee’s? I don’t expect a handout, even if it were a loan which I could pay back over a longer term than the 3 year course. Sadly most lenders won’t lend to someone on benefits so just wondering if there are any other options consider the money is required only for course fee’s? I don’t need any other help with maintenance or childcare etc. If anyone can offer any help or advice I would be so grateful. Thanks in advance. Kirsty

Alexandra Munoz Sala Hello I wonder if there are any bursaries to which I am eligible being an EU student. I study costume for performance at UAL and the only info we received was access to Learning Funds but that’s for home students. Should I look for such options here in UK at all or should I advance an enquire about it back in Spain?

Unfortunately, this money now comes in the form of a loan rather than a grant, meaning you will have to pay it back in future, but repayments are very manageable and in line with your future salary

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Darren Hi. I worked as a full time healthcare Support Worker for NHS Scotland for 5+ years and I successfully obatained my HNC , this also allowed me to enter Year 2 in uni for my nursing degree. As I am an NHS HNC student my fees are paid by SAAS and my bursary is paid from the Scottish Government Health Directorate. While doing my HNC I was still in full time employment with NHS and still receiving a full time wage. When starting year 2 I was required to give up full time employment and live off my bursary which was half what I was earning. I applied for discretionary funds at uni to help with rent however they required a copy of my funding ward. As my bursary is paid separately I don’t have 1. I contacted SAAS and explained the situation. They told me I was required to apply for funding for my year 2 as I hadn’t applied but I explained I was already funded. They told me too apply anyway so I did.