This could was to help you propitiate spirits of devathavas whose area try intruded through to

This could was to help you propitiate spirits of devathavas whose area try intruded through to

Kings which had wewas built, paying workmen inside the cash otherwise type (instead of pyramid strengthening) usually situated a forehead that have dagoba close by or on the wewa bund by itself. And also for the shelter of wewa by itself. An effective historian I consulted shown fascinating pointers, that he had gathered regarding research papers of a single out of their college students. The guy said that the larger wewas have been created and certain portion earmarked and you may broke up (maybe of the underwater piles out of small rocks or any) making sure that no contaminants occurred towards the liquid having forehead use – no intrusion try allowed to it demarcated urban area. 2nd, bits was kepted to possess villagers’ explore this is when once more broke up getting sipping and you will bathrooms and you will washing of gowns. Dogs, the elephant such and you can ranch cattle, was focused in order to into the an entirely other section of the wewa. To help you impose so it breakup ban kaldД±rma and you may guard this new wewa, men was designated by the queen, remaining in the latest forehead or within its premise.

Probably the most fascinating element is that once a highly good looking worker was a student in a good wewa structure class. People of your own community was inquisitive, nay hypnotized by your, according to the facts. He had been ergo entitled Kalu Kumaraya. (Might have been an excellent darky Romeo! Sinhalese without a doubt but dark-skinned). When he died or moved to build other wewa, his soul try considered haunt the fresh wewa bund. A handy significant facts got at by the trust one to women can be unclean during their month-to-month symptoms so the pain and you will consternation considering supposing they stumbled on brand new wewa from an evening to wash soiled dresses. (Zero disposables up coming!!). To eliminate such as for example, the brand new caution floated up to one Kalu Kued doing during the night at the side of wewas to capture females he fancied. No facts offered, nothing throughout the historian otherwise their beginner as to what brand new subsequent future of one’s captured was – death otherwise a pleasurable way of life previously immediately following.

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Well, title of your evening ghost continued and i be aware they along with Mohini, a pleasant lithesome lass which persistently visits young good-looking people who live by yourself. Perhaps several other pragmatic misconception in order to dissuade bachelorhood and you can render relationship!

My fascination with wewas cannot darkened even if travelling is much restricted today and you will age captures up. Remembered are loved ones picnic meals on wewa bunds and when napping with the a mat that have solid Tissa Wewa wind gusts blowing, to find upwards enervated. Yet another going on is actually sitting on this new Nuwara Wewa bund near the outdated other people thouse, now expanded and refurbished, so you can gaze from the faraway Mihintale dagoba, sopping on ambience out of sanctity and complete serenity. Clearly remembered was a night time bath which have husband and you will man at the the boundary of the Senanayake Samudra that have elephants intimate to your opposite side. Really recently existence more that have six nieces and you can nephews within dated others family now entitled The new River House, using its kitchen jutting towards the Parakrama Samudra.

I avoid for the oft quoted terminology out-of knowledge caused by Parakrama Bahu the great (1123-1186). “Assist not a decline regarding liquid which comes about precipitation flow into ocean without getting made beneficial to son.”

A great deal more latest out of French naval officer, ocean explorer and you can co-creator of the Aqua Lung – Jacques-Yves Cousteau: “I forget about your water stage in addition to life period is that.”


Inside the many years of our very own Municipal Battle they became quite essential one school buildings needed to be emptied of their teenager communities during the an effective moment’s see. Not that like a necessity ever before in reality arose but universities was in fact expected to be equipped for all scenarios.