Spore Dispersal out of Fetid Lysurus mokusin by the Stools out of Mycophagous Bugs

Spore Dispersal out of Fetid Lysurus mokusin by the Stools out of Mycophagous Bugs

New omnivorous practice of D. luteipes is very important in order to the repair on the corn increasing season, enabling controlling bugs eg Spodoptera frugiperda, Helicoverpa zea (Boddie, 1850) (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae) and other short arthropods. Together with, of a lot Dermaptera species, plus D. luteipes, was in fact advertised to own an effective mycophagous practice ( Chen mais aussi al., 2014 CHEN, Grams., ZHANG, Roentgen.Roentgen., LIU, Y. and you may Sunlight, W.B., 2014. Record from Chemical substances Environment, vol. 40, no. 8, pp. 893-899. PMid:25064696. ; Paula ainsi que al., 2016 PAULA, D.P., LINARD, B., CRAMPTON-PLATT, A good., SRIVATHSAN, Good., TIMMERMANS, Yards.J.T.Letter., SUJII, E.Roentgen., PIRES, C.S.S. obsЕ‚uga muzmatch, SOUZA, L.Yards., ANDOW, D.A great. and you may VOGLER, A good.P., 2016. Discovering Trophic Interactions during the Arthropod Predators because of DNA Shotgun-Sequencing out-of Abdomen Content material. PLoS You to definitely, vol. eleven, no. 9, pp. e0161841. PMid:27622637. ), which opens the possibility of exploring the mycophagous practice of the brand new earwig to manage pathogenic fungus out-of maize crop. Silva mais aussi al. (2022) SILVA, D.D., MENDES, S.Meters., PARREIRA, D.F., PACHECO, Roentgen.C., MARUCCI, Roentgen.C., COTA, L.V., COSTA, R.V. and FIGUEIREDO, J.E.F., 2022. Fungivory: an alternative and you may cutting-edge environment aim of Doru luteipes. Brazilian Record regarding Biology = Revista Brasileira de- Biologia, vol. 82, pp. e238763. ended up the new mycophagy regarding D. luteipes towards uredospores out-of Puccinia polysora, the newest causative agent out of southern area corn corrosion, by discovering many uredospores regarding feces regarding the new insect.


New polysora rust (Southern corrosion) the most extremely important diseases away from maize in the Brazil which have hot exotic environments, in which higher humidity and you may temperature (26 °C to help you 31 °C) predominate ( Shurtleff, 1992 SHURTLEFF, Meters.C., 1992pendium from corn problems. next ed. St. Paul: American Phytopathological Press, 105 p. ). The condition symptoms are described as round to help you oval pustules, white brownish in order to lime during the colour, delivered with the upper facial skin of will leave ( Dudienas mais aussi al., 2013 DUDIENAS, C., FANTIN, Grams.Meters., DUARTE, An excellent.P., TICELLI, Meters., BARBARO, We.Meters., FREITAS, Roentgen.S., LEAO, P.C.L., CAZENTINI FILHO, Grams., BOLONHEZI, D. and you may PANTANO, A great.P., 2013. Severidade de ferrugem-polissora em cultivares de- milho age seu efeito na produtividade. Summa Phytopathologica, vol. 39, zero. step 1, pp. 16-23. ). New spores or uredospores sent by the breeze and you will rain may be the main issues for very long-distance dispersal ( Casela and Ferreira, 2002 CASELA, C.R. and FERREIRA, An excellent.S., 2002. Variability within the isolates of Puccinia polysora for the Brazil. Fitopatologia Brasileira, vol. twenty-seven, no. cuatro, pp. 414-416. ).

Understanding the state-of-the-art trophic affairs out-of a potential biocontrol representative is critical for defining and you may improving physical handle steps while using good generalist predator ( Vankosky and you can VanLaerhoven, 2015 VANKOSKY, Meters.L., 2015. Plant and you can prey top quality collaborate to determine the fresh new foraging habits regarding an enthusiastic omnivorous insect, Dicyphus hesperus. Creature Habits, vol. 108, pp. 109-116. ). Many factors, particularly target access, bush nutritional constitution, new developmental phase, and health condition of the predator, privately determine the intake of food and the choices away from favourite victim ( Coll, 1996 COLL, Meters., 1996. Eating and ovipositing to your plant life because of the an omnivorous bug predator. Oecologia, vol. 105, no. 2, pp. 214-220. ). Offered D. luteipes, an enthusiastic omnivorous predator that shows mycophagous behavior, these types of relationships become even more difficult. Once the earwig is eat insect bugs and pathogenic fungi, such activities lets characterizing which variety because a prospective biological handle agent with double industry capabilities.

An excellent. and you can VANLAERHOVEN, S

Because of the variety away from dinner tips in the new cornfields, i made the next questions: 1- Really does food singular particular food interfere throughout the innovation of your own nymphs of D. luteipes? 2- Do the feeding plan dictate meals selections of new earwig? 3- Does food preference are very different between the young and you can adult stages from D. luteipes? 4- Does brand new range off restaurants info dictate dining practices plus the different choices for favourite prey from the D. luteipes? To respond to these types of issues, we examined this new success of your initial phases of D. luteipes together with eating taste out-of nymphs and you may people for the a good simulated corn pick environment with different food provide.