Re: The Chateau Diaries or any other chateau avenues

Re: The Chateau Diaries or any other chateau avenues

I that can match Michael, however, I concur that it is a bit of a puzzle as to why his station can be so preferred considering the lack of stuff, in addition to clips getting some incredibly dull than the Stephanie’s. Say what you want, but she along with her posse was amusing to look at (brand new vlogs, not new current unwrapping, and therefore bores us to tears and you will renders me personally feel much more awkward). However,, the fresh minions eat it and sustain inquiring when they are engaged and getting married. Delight!

They irks me to zero avoid that he and you will Stephanie imagine is teasing/covertly a couple of or any type of, as he is so of course gay that it is not comedy any more

Fascinating, now that you’ve told you it, maybe there is a crack around indeed. Become fair, Michael is but one I think exactly who told her to begin with the Youtube channel first off, thus she are going to be forever pleased to your.

Do we talk about how embarrassingly dehydrated the minions try to possess the fresh males performing from the chateau? It’s past terrible. Selmar, one to gardener (having a wife and kids), Michael, Oliver. Somebody regarding the statements typed that when these people were female and you can a number of old men would perv over them individuals perform be very grossed out, and i also concur. Doubt they see it perfect given the generation ones audience, many seem to be late 50s and you may up.

I like the kitchen in fact, I’m an enormous building in that way usually takes specific tacky/go camping design, but I’m able to totally come across anybody else not liking they. There is nothing historic concerning the home improvements, she buys old chairs but none of it suits the structure period(s), it’s simply random dated content, a total merge and matches. I really like specific options, anybody else less, but what I truly dislike is when they claim she actually is some kind of character for running a private, to own earnings company out-of a random historic building. Personally i think talking about every People in the us, who do not just remember that , France is actually full of chateaux, especially in the fresh Loire area, and there’s simply not adequate money there to possess governmental maintenance of the many of those. Consequently, this entails not most of the chateau out there was “historically important” otherwise Should be preserved. Of numerous was in fact totally forgotten by modernisation in the real regal family managing them, or remaining so you can decay. It isn’t brand new government’s work to help you safe most of the dated building for the European countries, you will find various and you can thousands of those in all town one wasn’t bombed within the battle. It is not such as the united states where every building more than 100 years old is seen as important lol.

Though he’s homosexual or straight, their strange to state such as for example strange aspects of him

I simply pick Michael painful. They are more than likely gay so that the means it enjoy up its flirting is quite strange. Some people enjoys mentioned inside Stephanie’s video clips even if that they getting one she actually would-be a beneficial lesbian which also is sensible. That knows and really who cares. I just don’t like when anyone are now being inauthentic.

And yes brand new odd dehydrated comments was odd hahah. Selmar together with seems homosexual to me the truth is however, maybe hes just an excellent western european hippy but I really do score gay vibes when it comes to manly carpentry and you can tango, I just have the vibes. He seems like a great child but he is really not extremely attractive. better he’s not One attractive. The only entirely odd that they embark on about it in the the new comments and yeah Dan keeps a girlfriend to make certain that helps make it two times as strange and additionally they carry out the same thing more Michael Potts, just who I actually do think is of interest however, there is anything of coping with him/her and you can coddling the lady, I failed to handle one to. I really discover Oliver the absolute most glamorous as the the guy looks the brand new best and you will mature. Nick with the paper bags and boxes, I have found ridiculous.